We incorporate electronics engineering into your mechanical design to provide a complete solution. Make your high specification product desirable to your target customers by blending functionality with style. In every industry, users want products to be sleek and elegant, whilst still working effectively. We bring together the key elements of sensor driven intelligence, machine learning, embedded coding, even when working to extremely tight space constraints.


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We are serial entrepreneurs ourselves and have sold over 80,000 own products across the globe. Through years of startup experience, we have learned many lessons of what to do (and what not). We are currently startups partners in a wide variety of companies and ventures and appreciate how the product is at the heart of any startup. We understand the limitations of time and money, although an idea needs a LOT of work before it develops into a well-received product.



We provide the most suitable and cost-effective intellectual property support possible, which could be simply anything from a registered design within the UK, an international patent or just setting up business details and trademarks. A patent protects new inventions and covers how things work, how they do it, what they are made of and how they are made, and a registered design protects aesthetics and visuals.


Luma -id funding

While there is public funding available for some inventions, useful funding comes in the form of subsidised advice or support and for specific purposes. This kind of support can be very useful, and the team at LUMA-iD can help you to utilise these sources. For large fundraising with the aim of production, crowdfunding or investors (Angels, VC's) is where to go.


A detailed briefing can be a great starting point. At the start of every project, LUMA-iD helps you to ask sharp questions and to dig deeper into your idea. With these insights, we come up with meaningful solutions that go beyond fads and create products with long retail lives. With a committed approach to the entire product life, we combine advanced technology with realistic production plans.




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