Electronics Design and IOT

We incorporate electronics engineering into your mechanical design to provide a complete solution. Make your high specification product desirable to your target customers by blending functionality with style. In every industry, users want products to be sleek and elegant, whilst still working effectively. We bring together the key elements of sensor driven intelligence, machine learning, embedded coding, even when working to extremely tight space constraints.

Sensors and Gyros

Sensors and gyros are a common asset, found in all shapes and sizes of products, yet virtually unnoticed unless they light an alarm or malfunction. Choosing and sourcing exactly the right parts can be crucial to your products success.

Boards and PCBs

We make product prototype samples of working electronics boards in-house. For full manufacture of electronic products, we have trustworthy partners to ensure reliable production.


Reliable lighting with the correct brightness is central to a lot of products, especially when safety is involved. Through careful design lighting systems can be designed and constructed to provide reliable systems that will function when you need them. It is also important for us to be knowledgeable of the codes and conventions which are involved, which we will research if it becomes specialist.

Thermal design

Managing heat is a multi-disciplinary challenge. Effective heat management at the electronics level doesn’t guarantee high reliability, design and thermal analysis must be done for the whole in the product enclosure. We test the convection, conduction, and radiation heat transfer of the entire system throughout the design to manufacturing processes.

Kinetics (motion)

Designing a machine or a product involving moving parts is common. This kind of design process requires performing motion simulation – also known as rigid body dynamics. With 3D printing, we can design these moving parts quickly and without the traditional limitations of assembly or manufacturing.

Energy Storage

When integrating a rechargeable battery into products, the first things that come to mind are reliability and safety. The physical characteristics of a battery, such as its size, durability and weight, also play a crucial part in its design. Similarly, performance characteristics such as efficiency and availability are also essential. We energy system can be based on i.e. Li-Ion, Li-polymer or NiMH technology.

Electronics Design Capabilities

Within our design team LUMA has more than 30 man-years of electronics design experience to offer. Our electronics team draws experience from work in Military, Industrial, Broadcast Television, Avionic, Medical and Manufacturing sectors.

Electronic Hardware Design & Development

  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor board design & development
  • Custom digital electronic design from DC up to video speeds
  • FPGA / Programmable Logic design
  • Analogue circuit design & signal processing
  • AC/DC Power supply,  Switch-mode Power supply, Charger and Wireless Charger design
  • Battery-based systems
  • Solar-powered systems
  • Ultra-low-power systems
  • Bespoke 'Embedded' product development up to rackmount scales
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Software & Communications Design & Development

  • Software design & development for Microcontroller and Microprocessors
  • Software development for PIC, STM32,  EPS32,  Raspberry Pi,  x86 CPUs
  • Linux and embedded Linux development for  Python, C, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Node.js
  • MS Windows Embedded development where needed
  • HTML5 / CSS / JS  WebApp development
  • HTTP, FTP, CGI-server functionality for embedded devices
  • Email-send from embedded device
  • Digital video interfacing, streaming, recording and playback in RTSP & HTTP
  • IoT and Cloud-connected development using AWS, DigitalOcean, IBM, Transip & other clouds
  • M2M and ISM radio data communications
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / Hotspots
  • Ethernet and Cellular data connections:  2G/3G/4G/5G
  • LPWAN technologies - LoRA / NB-IoT / LTE-M





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