Organic Modelling

Organic Modelling

Creating organic complex shapes in 3D CAD 

Special CAD software is needed when you have to create a 3D model from living creatures such as a tree, an animal or even a person. This is opposed to hard surface modelling which is usually focused on inorganic objects such as buildings, products etc. We can bring real life into the digital world using Zbrush which creates millions and millions of polygons for highly detailed sculpts. Zbrush is the industry standard for digital sculpting featuring customisable brushes to shape, texture and virtual clay in a real-time environment. The models in the pictures are of famous landmarks and were created as centrepieces for a product launch dinner. We managed to perfectly capture Churchill and Roosevelt’s likeness for one of our clients. In general the higher the level of detail, the longer the time it takes to create the organic model.

Organic 3d modelling london
3D organic modelling London

Example of a simplistic, easier to make object (left) versus a lifelike organic 3D model using polymesh technology (right).




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